Lucian "nowbish" Hornea - Community Moderator

Lucian is 30 years old mech design engineer within the day, crypto enthusiast 24/7. He is from Bucharest, Romania. Started with crypto two years ago as he bought BTC when it was 4k then sold at 10k and waited the dip ever since (for the serious part of the investors, its a joke obviously) He discovered DeFi at the beginning of this year and fell in love instantly. The potential being, literally, unlimited. Since then he is into farming, shit coins, utility coins, NFT, play to earn, you name it, up to 6 different chains. He admit he might be a bit addicted though. 😁
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Ivan "cnfnc" Atanasov - Community Moderator

Ivan “cnfnc” Atanasov born and raised in Bulgaria is active gamer for more then 15 years. 2015 is the year he’s making his first steps into cryptocurrency world but since 2019 his main focus has been on blockchain gaming because he truly believes that’s the future of gaming industry. In 2020 he acquires PhD degree in engineering. He helps the project in multiple areas.
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Martin "Mayh3m" Gerasimov - Community Moderator

Gaming has always been big part in his life since early childhood and helped his develop is many directions. Being involved in Game Of DeFi since the beginning has given him the chance to connect his two passions - crypto and gaming, which is his greatest thrill so far by his words.
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