🛣️ Roadmap

Phase 1 (Q1 2022)

  • Logo and website creation;
  • Hiring conceptual artists to do custom art for the project;
  • Hiring streamers to promote the brand and play to earn overall.
Token launch:
  • Snapshot of retroactive users;
  • Raise funds from private investors;
  • Doing IDO for GOD v2;
  • Audit our code;
  • Deploying GOD v2 and mGOD tokens;
  • Airdrop mGOD and GOD v2 to GOD v1 holders;
  • Supplying liquidity and locking it up;
  • CMC, Coingecko, DappRadar listings.
  • Redesigning our discord server;
  • Promote twitter and Facebook accounts of the guild;
  • Open new social accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch, Reddit, TikTok).
Ecosystem goals:
  • at least 15 000 daily active guild members;
  • Target scholars number - 500.
Relations goals:
  • At least 5 major partnerships;
  • Marketing push, AMAs;
  • Start of staking rewards;

Phase 2 (Q2 2022)

  • Both staking platforms should be released whole mGOD staking platform and GOD staking platform.
  • Vaults - way to distribute profits from scholarship back to our investors;
  • Marketing push;
  • AMAs in big communities;
  • Hiring streamers;
  • Starting our own branded merchandise;
  • Extending our socials list and network;
  • Promoting further our social account;
Ecosystem goals:
  • At least 25 000 daily active guild members;
  • Target scholars number - 1000.
Relations goals:
  • At least 10 major partnerships;

Phase 3 (Q3 2022 & beyond)

DAO begins:
  • Basic voting mechanism;
  • DAO voting begins with snapshot;
Charity begins:
  • Share of our treasury funds will go for charities on regular basis upon community vote;
  • Making partnerships with at least 3 big charity organizations by that time;
Education sponsorships begins:
  • Support people from around the world which are part of our scholarship program financially in order to receive better education;
NFT integration:
  • Introducing our own NFT collection(guild crest and lucky charm), which brings benefits for its holders;
Ecosystem goals:
  • At least 45 000 daily active guild members;
  • Target scholars number - 1500.
Relations goals:
  • At least 20 major partnerships;
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