Our treasury is our power. This is where the things are getting really interesting. Part of the monthly scholarships income will go directly in the treasury. If needed we will support the price of GOD token with funds from it, as well the funds will be used for the monthly dividends of GOD holders. One of most important roles of the treasury is participating in different charities. Percent of the treasury will be allocated for charity as community will vote where to spend that money in a right way.
scheme for fees of GOD v2 transaction
When GOD comes out this will make treasury as well dead adress a holders of the GOD v2 token. So few things will start to happen on every single transaction. So basically on every transaction we will have a passive burn of the token, and passive increasing of the treasury, while as well we will increasing the liquidity and 3% will go back to the current GOD holders.
Of course the main idea behind the treasury is to pay out dividends to our GOD token holders. We aim to build DAO which rewards it's token holders on monthly basis just for holding it's native token.
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