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The Basics

Game of DeFi plans to have 2 currencies:

1. GOD Token โ€“ governance and main currency of the platform. Basically all the pools and farms will award the stakers with it in version 1 of our protocol. Think of it of our investor's token. Max supply of the token will be unlimited for now. We plan later GOD to become shareholder token (very similar to Safemoon tokenomics + some upgrades over it) with which the holder will be rewarded % from the community treasury.
Pro tip: GOD will no be mintable after version 2 of the farm comes in.
Daily emission of GOD will be devided as follows in v1 of the yield farm:
    Farms - 60%;
    Pools โ€“ 30%;
    Developers - 5%;
    Treasury - 5%.
2. GOD GOLD โ€“ Itโ€™ll be in game currency and main farming token in version 2 of our protocol. You will use this coin mainly in market or for trades with other players. This token will be rewarded from game activities and lottery mechanism. Main use of GOD GOLD will be to upgrade your Altar NFT level when NFT part of the protocol is launched. The idea behind 2 tokens is simple, we want to have 2 separate types of tokens, GOD - shareholder token, stable price, limited suply, governance. And GOD GOLD - token for everyday use, main rewarding token and our main currency.
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