The GOD token
Brief description of what exactly GOD token is all about.
GOD is a BEP-20 deflationary, governance and main token of the Game Of DeFi DAO. Every transaction will have a 5% fee of which: 3% goes back to all holders, 1% goes to liquidity and 1% goes to community treasury. Total supply is 10,000,000 GOD tokens.
The GOD token is the blood of our DAO. Through various inventive ways, we’re giving utility and value to our token. By doing so, we’re ensuring that all contributors to the DAO, whether on a short and long period of time, are incentivized to acquire and retain the GOD token. Buying and holding GOD token is simply betting on play to earn industry overall. Below are the 3 main advantages of GOD token:


Owning GOD token makes you a part of our DAO, as well you will have the power to participate in decision-making processes. By owning GOD you are part of the whole ecosystem. You are GOD and GOD is you. Simple as that.


GOD token will be paying out dividends to its holders on monthly basis. The dividends will be paid out from treasury. The bigger the play to earn industry gets, the bigger the DAO will become, more dividends the investors will start to receive.

Making the world a better place:

By simply holding our token. Just simple. Keep in mind Game Of DeFi DAO is charity oriented. Our motivation behind that is because blockchain gaming era is basically the solution to so many social problems in the current society. Just think about it.. Now gamers got the power to literally change the world. This is why a portion of our treasury will go for different charities after community voting.
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