Background of the project development.
Game Of DeFi project was started back in March 2021. On 20 May, 2021 we conducted our first token (GOD v1) presale and raised 800BNB. The initial idea back then was to have staking DApp with fun UI/UX something like dungeons, raids and so on (basically more engaging yield farm). However we always wanted to do stuff sustainable and long-term, and soon we realised the initial idea is not enough to achieve that. Later we developed our idea further, as well our tokenomics. We decided to join play to earn industry and started our scholarship program, we also started to onboard new scholars in Axie Infinity on daily basis. We then decided the staking DApp to be side product of ours but not main one. You can read more about it here - mGOD and Farming DApp. We used all that time to spectate the industry, to take all the good practices we saw during that time and of course to make sure we don't make mistakes we can avoid easily when we got the experience already.
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