The Game Of DeFi Intro

What is Game Of DeFi (GoD)?

Game of DeFi ltd - registered Europen company is a play to earn yield guild, which aims to empower the gamers all over the world. Moreover Game Of DeFi aims to become the first charity oriented gamers DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) later on so every holder of the governance token (GOD) will have voting power and crucial role in our ecosystem.
Game of DeFi was inspired by famous HBO TV Series "Game Of Thrones", where all men had the desire to sit on the iron throne. DeFi space, on other hand is no different, there are so many different project popping up every single day aiming to become the next "moon shot". This is exactly why we chose that branding and we think it's pretty much cool. Isn't it?
GОD will combine traditional world of DeFi yield farming with gaming. The games we invest in and open scholarships are one of the best currently in the industry as well. We always strive to be early in new earning opportunities along the way, we aim to constantly grow our scholarships as well as our community. Our vision is to bring constant utility to GOD token and the platform itself.
Up to date our biggest investment is in Axie Infinity play to earn game as we hold more than 250 axies NFTs and having nearly 50 scholars sponsored by Game Of DeFi ltd.
Here in Game Of DeFi we strongly believe play to earn is a solution to many social problems that current society has. We believe play to earn will revolutionize the gaming and world forever making a new opportunity for unemployed people or people with physical problems for example. The opportunities are insane, you just need to think about it!

Are you ready to open the realm, where gamers really matter?

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